Medical Marijuana should be allowed in the NFL.


Eugene Moore, a seven-year veteran NFL offensive lineman, has asked the NFL to stop testing players for marijuana use so players do not have to use dangerous and addictive opiates to deal with chronic pain.  “We now know that these drugs are not as safe as doctors thought, causing higher rates of addiction, causing death all around our country,and we have cannabis, which is far healthier, far less addictive and, quite frankly, can be better in managing pain.”

Ex-NFL players have also promoted the benefits of marijuana and have called on the league to acknowledge the benefits of its use in treating pain. Monroe has publicly reached out to Roger Goodell pleading with the commissioner to end his refusal to modify the league’s stance on the drug. Monroe is disappointed in Goodell’s views on marijuana for medicinal purposes. “It’s a shame that Roger Goodell would tell our fans that there’s no medical vs recreational distinction.”

Monroe recently donated $80.000 to Relm of Caring to help in their research, with John Hopkins University, in determining the impacts of medical marijuana on CTE. He has also created a website that helps educate people on the uses of marijuana for pain management.

Some states have already legalized medical marijuana and many others are on the cusp of legalization; Goodell stands firm by his decision not to change NFL policies on medical marijuana but leaves it open  for possibility. “Yes, I agree there have been changes, but not significant enough changes that our medical personnel would have changed their view, until they do, then I don’t expect that we will change our view.”

If the NFL changes their stance on medical marijuana, it still would have to be agreed with by the N.F.L.P.A before any changes of the league’s substance abuse ban list could be made.

The fact that the NFLPA and NFL medical staff, are not taking the physical abuse these players take every day, they should strengthen their efforts in looking for alternative ways in treating chronic pain. The CBD does not give you a euphoric or mind altering experience it just eases the pain non-addictively. That’s why it’s so important.

When it comes to the game of football, many put their bodies at a high risk for injury, every day. They do it for the love of the game, and they do it for the money. There have to be steps implemented, so that when these players retire from all the years of physical abuse, they do not have to worry about being in extreme pain or their minds not being able to function properly. “My health is far more important than any possible career implications, I want to be there for my family.” And Monroe is not the only one who feels this way, many of the retired NFL players are also starting to see the benefits of medical marijuana over the benefits of opiates.

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