Jon Robinson: Best of both worlds.


Titan’s general manager and former Buccaneers director of player personnel, Jon Robinson revealed in a recent interview just how close the decision between drafting Winston or Mariota really was.

“It was a tough decision in Tampa for us last year. I was heavily involved in that process, and it really wasn’t a 1-2, it was more of a 1a — 1b, where we really couldn’t go wrong with either player.”

Robinson was 100% sold on Marcus Mariota, prior to the 2015 NFL draft citing that you notice good players on the road when you’re scouting, and Mariota was a guy that a had a quiet confidence him, that caught Robinson’s eye early. the fact he distributed the ball well and had a unique balance of arm talent and athleticism, lead Robinson to the belief that Mariota was going to be a really good football player.

Jon Robinson easily has had the best of both worlds, being in Tampa during Jameis Winston’s record-setting rookie season, and now, as  the GM of the team who drafted the QB he wanted.