Connor Barth might be the kicker the Saints have been looking for.


Barth Vader played five of his seven seasons in the NFL, with Tampa Bay. Barth’s 84.4  field goal percentage, makes quite a few fans wonder why we let him go, again. We won’t get into why right now, mainly because most know the reason. Barth will have the opportunity to kick in an indoor stadium, and that will likely increase his already solid FG percentage. Barth is 43-55 on FG’s ranging from 40-49 yards , and only 16-25 from 50 plus, this could be a concern for a long range game-tying kick attempt. However, Connor Barth is an automatic upgrade for the NeW Orleans Saints, he is better than any kicker the Saints have had in the past 3 or 4 seasons. Barth’s proven skills will likely land the Veteran the starting role, as he is a far superior kicker than Forbath. I just hope the signing of Barth, doesn’t come back to haunt us.