Dirk Koetter to push Jameis forward as Doug Martin and Charles Sims pave the way


sp_399154_shad_26_sp_bucsph_16298941_8colTampa couldn’t be happier with the results they received from their number 1 overall draft pick, Jameis Winston. Koetter who had worked with first round drafted QB’s did not put too much on Jameis’ plate as he has seen the effects of rushing a rookie into certain situations. It’s not good. But now it’s the QB’s second season and Koetter isn’t’ going to hold back as much and push Jameis to limits and test the young man’s resolve. “Now that Jameis knows what to expect, he’s been through a full NFL season offseason, preseason, regular season,  everything’s not new to him. were giving him more and more. We want him to test the boundaries. And you can always reel it back it when you get to the season and see how it’s going. We also think we’ll continue to be a good run team.”

Tampa should have a phenomenal run team. DougMartinn is coming off of a fantastic year and should repeat that performance. There is no denying that Charles Sims can go just about anywhere and win himself a starting job. The dynamic duo will continue to wear down defenses, run up big yards and allow Jameis to, once again, have a record breaking year.