Oregon homeowner shoots naked intruder.


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Ex-Lions CB Stanely Wilson II was shot by an Oregon homeowner while attempting to break into the man’s home. Wilson who was naked at the time of the break-in was arrested and charged with first and second-degree burglary and first and second-degree trespassing, sources say that more charges could be placed on him as time goes on. Police found Wilson in the home-owners backyard water fountain with non-life threatening injuries. Wilson played three years for the Detroit Lions but the 33-year old was released in 2008 due to injuries. 

Oddly enough, Stanely Wilson Sr. missed out on Supper Bowl XXIII, as on the eve of the ’89 Super Bowl, Wilson had told his teammates that he needed to return to his hotel to pick up his playbook for the last team meeting prior to the game. When he never showed up, running back coach Jim Anderson went looking for him at the hotel, only to find him in the bathroom high on cocaine. He was suspended then banned from the NFL permanently. Bengals coach and former Buccaneers coach, Sam Wyche, blames the Bengals loss of the Super Bowl, on the loss of Stanely Wilson.