Bucs were building for now. Not years from now.


Tennessee Titans v Tampa Bay Buccaneers

 One year after drafting Jameis Winston, who was the icing on the offensive cake, the Buccaneers focused on their struggling defense. Bucs general manager Jason Licht and head coach Dirk Koetter have done well to patch up a hole filled secondary and in making the necessary moves to boost the overall pass rush.

With the additions of Ryan Smith, Brent Grimes, Noah Spence, Vernon Hargreaves, Josh Robinson, Devante Bond, Robert Ayers, and Daryl Smith, this defensive overhaul might just bring Tampa back to being known for its tough, take no prisoners, defense.



Jason Licht is happy in what he’s accomplished the past couple of years. Why shouldn’t he be? He’s done well in correcting some of those last season free agent busts, quickly removing them and just as quickly replacing them. He should feel good about the job he’s done, he likely has done something that has not been done since McKay was GM. And that’s to build a team to respect and one to also fear. “Obviously we feel very good right now. I have the same feeling right now that I did last year.All these guys, I think have an excellent chance of making this football team.”



Jason Licht received a ton of scrutiny for jumping up to grab Robert Aguayo, but Licht isn’t worried at all, as far as he’s concerned, once the season starts that scrutiny will turn into applause. “That’ll all go away once he’s winning games for us. It’s just so hard to find a great kicker. They come around once a decade, guys like this, in my opinion. So we could do what we had to do or we could wait another decade. I’d rather do it now.”


Dirk Koetter



Koetter is thankful that the team went defense heavy this year, and made it known that this rebuilding of the team isn’t for the future, it’s for the present. “We needed to draft some defensive players. We’re building this team, but we’re not saying we’re building it for three years from now. Heck, who knows what’s going to happen then. We’re trying to be the best team we can be this season.”