Should Tampa go after Roddy White?


usp-nfl_-carolina-panthers-at-atlanta-falcons-16_9Roddy White has been a star in the NFL for years, and I mean years. He’s going on his 11th year in the NFL and by no means is he finished yet. Many are calling for Tampa to pick him up, but where exactly would he play? I guess he could come here and be a mentor to some of the younger receivers but we already have that in Vincent Jackson. 

He possibly could be a good player to take the 3rd receiver slot. He has sure hands and is a great route runner, but do we necessarily need him?




He has played in Dirk Koetter’s offense and would have his former HC on the team, so it’s likely he would feel right at home. Koetter would no doubt bring out everything White has left in the tank and with Jameis Winston as QB, he would be put to use more than he had been in with the Falcons in 2015.

White’s an old man in football years, but he does average over 11 yards per reception and regardless of his football age, he did start every game on an otherwise young Falcons offense and that’s something worth noting. Although White isn’t as young as he used to be and wouldn’t likely be a huge threat in the red zone, he still is capable enough to make those clutch third-down throws for first down.

I have a lot of respect for Roddy White, and although I am not sure if we exactly need him, I can see how he would help the Buccaneers. Especially, if the price is right.