Randall Cunningham’s daughter is headed to the Olympics.


Randall CunninghamRandall Cunnigham was the youngest quarterback to rush for 500 yards since the NFL’s merger and now in 2016, his daughter is becoming the youngest athlete to make the American track and field team in 36 years at the age of 18. Vashti Cunningham has qualified for the U.S. Olympic team and will compete in the high jump at the Rio Summer Olympics. She is the world’s reigning indoor champion.


Although, she came in second in the U.S. qualifying, behind Chaunte Lowe, but she remains thankful that she is able to join the U.S. in the Olympics this year. Her competitive nature, dedication, and talent, and not to forget her father’s genes, have taken her a long way in her accomplishments.

“I’m very appreciative, just to be able to go to the Olympics this year. So I’m more thankful than disappointed. It was a relief to qualify and just know that I was top three. At the same time, I still wanted to win. I always want to win.”