NFL threatens to suspend four players




The NFL has threatened to suspend Pittsburgh Steelers LB James Harrison, Green Bay Packers LBs Clay Matthews, Julius Peppers, and Former Packer LB Mike Neal if they fail to comply with requested interviews regarding the PED use from Al Jazeera America.
VP of labor policies and league affairs, Adolph Birch, said the league has a good faith basis for investigating potential violations of the league’s substance abuse policy and the league has made at least seven attempts to contact the players for interviews.



The suspensions will begin Friday, August 26th if the players fail to comply.

AP_320060140299_c0-0-5064-2952_s885x516 The NFLPA says there is no evidence to merit an investigation since Charlie Sly,(the Indian pharmacist who first made the accusations) had since recanted his statements.
Peyton Manning, who was also originally named in the Al Jazeera report has been absolved since he cooperated with the investigation.

Harrison has declined to comment early in camp. Matthews called the allegations bogus. Peppers simply said nonsense!

The NFL contends they want to interview the players that it is not an admission of guilt.

The suspensions would be for failure to comply with the league’s requests.