Browns show looks Tampa can build from


082416_joint_600The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are taking full advantage of the Browns 3-4 defense during these joint practices and the first preseason home game at Ray Jay. They are the only 3-4 defense we face this preseason, so it is vital to learn as much as possible on the offensive side of the ball, as we face 6-8 teams during the regular season that run that type of defense.

Already, the Browns defense has intercepted the Buccaneers offense on multiple occasions. Although, we have done the same to Rg3 and company, only means our secondary is doing their job, which is good, no complaints here. However, the fact the Bucs offense has given up multiple interceptions in practice to the Browns shows that this is a much-needed stretch of practices and that much work is needed to compete against the 3-4 defensive scheme.

Koetter loves the idea and is thankful that we have the chance to see the 3-4 before heading into the regular season and that it will go a long way in being prepared to face that kind of defensive scheme throughout the season. The Browns offense is also running zone reads, which will come in handy against a few teams during the regular season, like San Fran, the Panthers and etc.  

The joint practices with the Browns should prove to be the most important we’ve had this offseason as far as preparation goes for the teams we have to face this year.

More info on the 3-4 can be found here: 3-4 Defense Wikipedia