The Bucs season could be defined within their first five games.


iThe Tampa Bay Buccaneers have a rough road ahead to begin the year. How these first 5 games play out could very well determine the outcome of their season.

The Bucs start week one against the Atlanta Falcons. Both teams have pumped up their defenses and it always seems like these games end up close regardless.

Week 2 takes the Bucs to Arizona to face a team that averaged over 400 yards per game and 30 points per game last year plus had a top 5 defense as well. They also ended the season with an impressive 13-3 record.


In week 3 the Los Angeles Rams will make a visit to Raymond James Stadium. The Bucs’ vastly improved defense should be able to handle the Rams’ subpar offensive line and a struggling rookie quarterback.

Also at home, the buccaneers will face off against the defending Champs in week 4. Although the Broncos have a quarterback with a little less experience than Peyton Manning, his skill is relatively unknown so far. They have also lost a couple of key pieces in their defense but with Von Miller back there it can never be counted out.

I’m the final game before the Bucs reach their bye week they will have to travel to play the Carolina Panthers. 15-1 in the regular season plus played (and lost) in last year’s Super Bowl. They averaged over 31 points per game, more than any other team in the league. On top of that, they now have Kelvin Benjamin back healthy and ready to go.

These are not the only tough games the Bucs will have this year. However, if they can make it to the bye week with a good record I expect this could be a year the Bucs surprise, everybody.