Trevor Siemian and the Broncos are undefeated.


The replacement to a sure fire first ballot HOF has done his job. He has guided the offense to a pretty good start. Culminating in a big game vs the Bengals last week. They now are taking a trip into Ray Jay as favorites to take down our Bucs.  At a quick glance, yes maybe they should, right? Well, maybe not. Sound crazy? Maybe a little but let’s look a little deeper.

For starters, the Bengals are a little overrated and I don’t believe, as athletic on defense, as the Bucs are. Wait that’s crazy we just let the Rams drop a 37 spot on us. Yes, that happened but here comes redemption. We can stop the Broncos offense.

First off, Denver’s new pride and joy QB has shown he can be pressured into mistakes. So we don’t bring the blitz from the outside bring it straight to his face. We have two LBs that can absolutely rush the passer. Kwon and Lavonte can get home and will. Gerald will get the double leaving someone with 1v1 or a free shot. Bring it down main Street. Make him uncomfortable early and set the tone. Keep safety help high so that they can’t get behind us. Thomas is great but I will always take 2 on one. Next forcing the kid to make constant calls at the line he will make mistakes. Force them to try to beat us by running. If wondering they can’t. So there is the way our defense can hold their ground. We won’t stop everything but we can stop enough to give Jameis and the gang a shot to get us a win. How? We establish the run early and often. Old school line up hit them in the mouth.

The Broncos road defense hasn’t been as strong as it is at home. In fact not even close. On the road giving up over 120 yards a game on the road. But we don’t just have to run. We can use the swing and screen game to help accomplish this. We keep them spread and those athletic LBs that can rush the passer are now having to help in coverage and getting worn down. When we use the power run use our newest hamster (Rodgers) small target can hide behind the big guys and all he needs is a little crease and they are having to chase in the Florida heat. By executing this game plan they like anybody will cheat up. Then we hit the play-action pass. Now obviously this is easier said than done. But the idea that we should be playing inspired and at home anything could happen. The Broncos worst case scenario is that mid 4th quarter we are tied, close, or up and we have hit the first year starter a lot. When you give a young team hope and an opportunity good things can happen. Crazy? Maybe. Unrealistic? Definitely not.