The Post Season Starts Tomorrow for Tampa


If history tells us anything,  it’s that the post season is already upon us in Tampa Bay. The Buccaneers haven’t made the playoffs after a 1-3 start since 1982. It’s worth noting that the ’82 season was reduced to just nine games, after a players strike postponed the start of the regular season, by close to two months. One could say that if a full season had been played we wouldn’t have even made it to that wildcard game. We lost the game to the Dallas Cowboys,  30-17.

With the Buccaneers already facing late season-type-injuries and adversities, it’s important that they start treating every game like a conference playoff. The ‘next man up’ mentality must be instilled in those replacing injured starters, and the coaches must do their best to get the best out of those players.

Show up early, play hard, and win, or go home.