Time to Panic?


With the horrible loss at home to the rams behind us yet looking forward to the back-to-back bouts involving last year’s Super Bowl contenders; are you beginning to panic? 

Could it be possible for the Bucs to lose both games leaving us at 1-4 at the bye?

Well don’t look now but after the possible 1-4 record at the bye week, they have to travel to San Francisco and face the 49ers which won’t be an easy game either. The Bucs normally do not fair very well when traveling cross country to play. Of course, the Super Bowl victory was not included in that assessment.

A win in the next two games is a must for Tampa or this season could spiral out of control, quickly.

We play the Raiders, Falcons, and the Bears then travel to KC before they catch a break with the Seahawks coming to town!

Oh wait, scratch that! Do any of you see where I’m heading with this?

The schedule going forward is a brutal one and like salt being rubbed into a wound, the loss to the Rams could burn us later on. That is if we even find ourselves in a position to land a  playoff spot this season.

You could be looking at a 3-8 record after 11 games with only the Falcons and the Bears being considered winnable games. Well, what does the remaining schedule look like? I’m glad you asked. Another cross country travels to San Diego, New Orleans twice, the Cowboys in Dallas and the Panthers to end the season.

This could very well end up being another 5-11, 6-10 season if things are not corrected fast!

 A win against Denver could push this team’s confidence to the next level and possibly even pull out a win at Carolina. It could happen, but will it? We can only hope so.

The season hinges on these next two games! A win in the next two games, before the bye week, is a must. If the Defense can shut down the high-powered Denver passing attack then there is a shot. There has to be pressure on the QB and the defensive backs have to find a way to actually cover the Denver WRs. No easy task.

For the Bucs to win this, it has to be a low scoring game! A Bucs 20-17 victory sure sounds nice, no?