Koetter vs Jon Gruden


It seems that during the Monday Night Football game, Jon Gruden had made a statement that many would have just waved off as nothing and probably laughed at, or likely agreed with. However, coach Koetter doesn’t find it funny or factual and absolutely does not agree with it. Now, we all know Jon Gruden and how he is opinionated, about everything, and thinks he knows everything about the game of Football. He’s supposed to be a guru. Heck, It’s Chucky.

During that Bucs vs Panthers game, Chucky made the statement that Koetter is losing confidence in his quarterback, Jameis Winston, for forcing a throw into double zone coverage. Not sure I saw any lack of confidence in Jameis from coach Koetter, but it also makes me wonder if Chucky wasn’t suggesting that Koetter isn’t the man for the job. Hmm. Maybe, I’m just reading too much into the situation, or maybe I find the idea of a former Bucs coach calling out a current coach and a battle of wits between the two to be exciting. I used to be a fan of the Jerry Springer Show.

Either way, Koetter found the statement a tad bit derogatory and let it be known that there was no lack of confidence in his quarterback because he chose a run play on 3rd & 9, and in a much politer way, basically stated that opinions are like A***holes and everyone has one. When Koetter, in his rebuttal, said, “He [Gruden] gets paid to talk on T.V. and I get paid to coach the Bucs.” showed a clear sign that Koetter thinks Gruden should not try to analyze him and just analyze football, it is what he gets paid for. Koetter also let it be known, that there is no one on this planet other than his parents who has more faith and confidence, in Jameis, than he does.

 Yes, Jon Gruden won a Super Bowl with the Buccaneers, but he also inherited that team from Tony Dungy. He shouldn’t act like he knows what’s best for Koetter’s Bucs.