Josh Norman believes NFL holds a double standard.


Redskins cornerback Josh Norman was fined $9,115, last week, for firing an imaginary bow and arrow after intercepting a pass against the Cleveland Browns. Norman has proved that he’s not shy when it comes to speaking out and this incident was no different. His most recent rants have been about a double standard he believes he sees in the NFL when it comes to these fines for celebrating.

Norman told 106.7 The Fan on Thursday, “I think we have a double standard in this league. We say we want to be PG — or whatever television show we’re showing — but at the same time, we’re selling beer on TV shows when kids are watching. It’s kind of like well, dang, if that’s the case and that’s good, why can’t we have fun within the game?”

“I mean, it’s a barbaric sport, c’mon man, let’s be realistic here. You want to have things the way YOU want it, but when it comes to us, we can’t have the things that we want. Like, it doesn’t even make any sense. It’s stupid to the point where, who is running this ship, you know? And why are we allowing things to happen like that, that shouldn’t be? That’s kind of how I feel.”

He plans on appealing this fine because he thinks the league should let a little fun slide on the field. He also believes he’s personally being targeted this season. He mostly referred to the bow and arrow fine but, he was also fined $48,620 for a hit he made in a game against the New York Giants earlier in the season.