Are the so-called “experts” right?


The Buccaneers are on coming off a two-win game streak, but those were road wins. The Buccaneers are now facing the Oakland Raiders at home, and in recent years, the Bucs haven’t been exactly, efficient at home. Most “experts” seem to be in agreement that Tampa will fall to the Raiders, but I believe that those beliefs mainly come from our home win record. Raiders have also been efficient at winning on the road, as they have won all four of their away games so far this season.  

Tampa was 3-5 at home last year and had not won a home game since December 6, 2015, when we swept the Falcons. If Tampa can break that losing streak it will go a long way in helping us in our division and in boosting morale. A serious morale boost will be needed as we will be forced to play two home games in in eight days, both of which are must win.

Good news is the Falcons handed the Raiders one of their losses, and we all know the Bucs beat the Falcons. Saying that doesn’t mean we can automatically beat the Raiders, as we are both very different teams. Regardless of how different we are from that first and second week  of football, the Buccaneers are still promising and regardless of the “expert”  seemingly unanimous decisions of Raiders over Bucs, I have full confidence that the Buccaneers can re-route their home game losing streak and sit on top of the NFC South, with back to back wins at home.