Robert Ayers expects to be back


Some fans feel our pass rush has been dreadful, and at times I do agree. Injuries to our linemen, McCoy, Ayers, Jacqiues Smith, Clinton McDonald, certainly doesn’t help. However, our rag-tag line has performed well none-the-less. Akeem Spence has played very well, as the same for William Gholston. With the return of Gerald McCoy last week, the pass rush only got better, sucks he’s injured again and possibly out for Sunday.Noah Spence has been playing fairly well with a shoulder injury, and being that he is a rookie, that makes his playing, seem all the better. William

Robert Ayers is one of those key cogs in this pass rushing wheel, that had been missing for quite some time, and that was proven when he signed on as a free agent and further proven when he fell to injury, now, it seems that he may be returning, On Sunday to face the Oakland Raiders. His return will be more than welcomed.

The additional pressure Ayers will bring to the table should help Tampa’s secondary play much better and help contain some of the speedy receivers the Raiders have, and pressure Carr into making mistakes.