Time to prepare for the Siege.


Sunday was in every word a frustrating shocker. In the first quarter of the game.

Everything WAS going our way, however, the same could not be said for the ending. As tough as the loss is for not only for our players but the fans, it is a must that the team snap out of this funk and quickly wipe away last week’s second half collapse, from the forefront of focus.

Tampa is America’s proverbial head-scratcher, and it’s evident throughout the sports world and on every NFL related social media feed.

On Thursday, we will be front and center for the entire world to see as Tampa Bay will host a hot Atlanta Falcons’ team. Say what you want about the Bucs, but this is the season we have been yearning for. If you believe in FATE, then the best team to show up 4 days after an embarrassing heartbreak, is the Dirty Birds. With only being a game and a half out of first place, along with a major need to gain confidence and give our house, a big W,  the course cannot be seen as lost, not when we can sweep the division leading rivals for the second time in a row. We need to show the Nation that we ain’t going anywhere and solidify our place in the NFC South.