Week 8 was not a good week to be an NFL Kicker


Missed extra points, and missed field goals, that was definitely the theme around the NFL the past couple of weeks. For Bucs fans, we don’t have to be reminded how missed kicks can ultimately affect the outcome of the game, and nothing proved that more than yesterday’s contest against the Raiders.

Oakland Raiders kicker, Sebastian Janikowski, missed several game-winning field goals and considering he is one of the most consistent kickers in the history of the NFL, it leads me to believe something must be in the air, so to speak. Robert Aguayo was perfect on his FG attempts, although he had only attempted one. However, his missing didn’t miss him yesterday. Aguayo managed to miss an extra point attempt and forced the Buccaneers into a 2 point conversion at the end of their following scoring drive. Even though Aguayo missed  on extra point and only attempted on FG, in which he made, many are pointing at him as the reason we lost. I do not understand that myself, but whatever.

Throughout the league yesterday, the theme was tie scores, overtime, and missed field goals, maybe there truly is something in the air. It began with the Redskins/ Bengals game in London, and that game had ended  in OT as a tie. Missed kicks were the culprit.