Winston or Mariota?


The 2015 NFL draft was arguably the most notorious draft of the 20th century. Two quarterbacks, both of which had their positives and negatives, would be selected first and second overall.

Jameis Winston: A pocket passer out of Florida State who played his college career in a Pro-Style offense. Jameis showed tremendous confidence and leadership ability but his off the field behavior brought his integrity into question.

Marcus Mariota: A Hawaiian native with immense athleticism piloting the read option in Oregon. While Marcus demonstrated his speed and quick thinking on his feet, many scouts wondered how well he would transition to an NFL Pro-Style system.

Fast forward to the midway point of the 2016 NFL season. Neither quarterback has been exactly SPECTACULAR. The Titans are sporting a 4-4 record while the Buccaneers are 3-5. Each signal caller has faced different adversities and many of the team’s fans had different opinions on who to draft.

So I ask you, Winston or Mariota?