Injuries, injuries, and more injuries.


At some point, the football gods have to show the Bucs some mercy. Losing two running backs, Martin and Sims early in the season to losing two more at the mid-point of the season, is literally killing the Buccaneers offensive potential. Yes, we can throw the ball; But who wants to throw all the time? Without a run game we are one dimensional, and every time we have a running back who begins to show signs of a becoming a threat, we lose them. Jameis can throw a football, even though at times you can call that statement into question, but we can’t have him throwing on every snap. Now, with the possibility that Mike Evans could miss some games with a concussion, our ship seems to have hit an eddy. We seem to be stuck and running in circles. We have regained a capable running back in Mike James, but he hasn’t played much so it will likely take some time before he shows those flashes we’ve seen from him in prior years. Plus maybe Jacquizz will come back soon.

Antone Smith is out for the season, and so is Howard Jones, both sustaining knee injuries in the Thursday Night’s debacle that we call Color Rush. I suppose it’s not a big deal for most Bucs fans to lose either one of those guys, but it seems that when it rains it pours. Jameis was injured in that same game as was Evans, although Jameis says he is fine, you can’t help but wonder how fine he is if that injury he sustained sidelined him, and boy did it look painful.

We got back some previously injured players on the defense, ie. Robert Ayers and William Gholston, and what an impact they’ve had towards our defense. I’m glad to have them back. But losing all these backup guys is thinning our ranks to the point where we can give up hope on the season, and many had already done just that. The benefit of the doubt they say, but at what point do we say enough is enough, and stop looking for wins and begin praying our players make it out of the games unscathed? I think that time may just be upon us.

Not jumping ship or a fair weather fan, so you can keep that comment to yourself, but if it looks like a duck and sounds like a duck I’m pretty sure it’s not a cow. I will stand by my Bucs, root for them, argue about them and throw stuff around the house when they make dumb ass moves, but I don’t have too much faith that we will go 9-7 anymore. Playoffs?  I don’t think that anymore either. Just win baby?  No. Just stay healthy baby!