Something has to give.


Many fans are at their breaking point with the team this year, many calling themselves die hard fans at that. I again call that self-proclamation of die hard into question. Yes, our team needs to win games, but we score points, and we lead at the half, and we, in fact, run an efficient two min drill. But our downfall has been we haven’t been able to hold on to a lead and finish strong or complete drives when most they are most needed. All can agree that the 3 and outs are killing us. And it is not from a lack of trying.

Coming out of the half with the lead or even down by a field goal, one has to wonder if the team has the same thinking that the fans share. Our last two games as an example, our energy was high heading to the half, but it seems our energy levels became stale coming out of the half and our momentum stalled. Is it that’s everyone forgot their assignments all of the sudden or we do not have a new plan for the second half? Or is it that our opponents have all found a way to make us bury ourselves? 

It is easy to see how those who are not die-hard fans can be ready to jump ship, the issues we’ve had this season make it difficult for many to remain loyal, except for those of us that have been fans for 30 plus years. We are battle tested. The emotional let down that fans have endured through the last six years is not justification for anyone to jump ship or to assume we are just going to lay down and die in at any given moment. Although, past games sure make it seem that way.

Keep the faith. It is the second half of the season, where anything is possible and something has to give.