Are the Bucs heading towards that next level?


The Bucs shocked everyone that watches football after defeating the heavily favored Chiefs in their own stadium, which is the loudest outdoor stadium in the NFL. Now the question on every fan’s mind is, was that win just a fluke or have the Bucs finally taken that step to the next level by beating a 7-2 team and starting a small 2 game win streak.

We couldn’t really ask for a better 2 game win streak, though. First, the Bucs dominated the bears for their first home game win of the season and quite a while before that. Then the 7-2 Chiefs that a lot of people are considering elite. Everything that was supposed to work against us in that stadium seemed to help us, or at the very least didn’t bother us.

So what is the answer to that question? Did the Bucs just get lucky or have they really reached another level? After pushing all the euphoria down from beating the Chiefs, it’s clear to me that the answer is to see what happens against the Seahawks next week.