Picking the Bucs? It’s true!


Raise your hand if you picked the Bucs to win against Kansas City. Raise your hand again if you picked the Bucs to win against Seattle, and shut them down defensively.

The people who claim they are raising their hands are probably not telling the truth.

This is all I saw on every major network. Bucs will lose. Bucs have no chance to win. They beat the Bears, they can’t win against a real team.

Guess what? We have done it, and are doing well at it. Tampa won their 4th game in a row, and now it seems as though people are now believing. The Bucs are in the division race, and even if for some reason that doesn’t work out, Tampa owns the second wildcard with being just a game out of the first wildcard from the New York football Giants.

This team has completely turned it around on and off the field. Jameis and company, have given Tampa, and even the country, a reason to believe that your Buccaneers are here to stay!

I’ll end with a cool statistic. The Bucs have won 5 games in a row only 3 times since their debut in 76. In those years, they have qualified for the playoffs, and actually won at least 1 game, including 2002-2003 which we brought home the Lombardi trophy! Not saying we are making the championship, but for a team that has been denied for so many games, it’s not a far off reality, is it?