Can you feel it?


Every single moment of every single game from here on out is absolutely crucial. We have proven that we belong already but can we do the unthinkable? A Very few number of people thought the Bucs would make the postseason and after 1-3 start that number dropped to Zero. I included. But through all the adversity through all the doubt all the injuries all the frustration, Your Tampa Bay Buccaneers sit at 7-5 and are tied for the division lead.

Nothing is even close to being over. There is still much work to do. One game at a time. But this Sunday at Raymond James Stadium there is going to be a different feeling, a different sensation than your average home game. Playoffs will be in the back of everyone’s mind and that sensation has been hibernating in Tampa for a long time. Too long if you ask me. but before we think too much about the playoffs, we absolutely have to take care of business when the Saints roll into town. It will be a battle but a battle we can win.

It doesn’t take a Genius realize that these last 4 games mean absolutely everything to the 2016 Buccaneers season. They know it we know it, now it’s time for them to show it. Show the world we belong in the postseason. We as fans have the easiest job, and that is to sit back and watch because we are in for a hell of a good time!