Be afraid, very afraid.


The Buccaneers defensive turnaround has helped the Buccaneers control their destiny and put them in a great position to see the postseason for the first time in what seems like forever. Tampa not only has the chance to make the playoffs but if they win out and the Falcons lose one, Tampa would take the NFC South.

Tampa’s defense is locking it down and that is something that we haven’t seen from the Buccaneers in quite a long time. It’s refreshing to see this defensive play from our Bucs, but it also brings fans back to the stadium. 

For little over a month now, Tampa has allowed the league’s lowest points per game average at 12.8 and leads the NFL in takeaways with 14. Remember when Tampa’s secondary made backup QB’s and terrible QBs look like all-stars? Well, now Tampa’s defense makes all-star QB’s look like backups. Tampa’s defense has caused opponent QBs to look so bad that they have caused the lowest opponet QB passer rating average in the NFL at 62.5.  That is reminiscent of another Tampa defensive unit we know all too well.


Every part of the Buccaneers defense has stepped up and are firing on all cylinders. Our key players also seem to be back and primed for battle. GMAC has been steady, whether fans agree or not, but it seems now he is making the noise that fans can finally appreciate. Vernon Hargreaves has slid into the groove and is making the plays we all expected from a first-round draft pick and one that came so highly hyped. Lavonte David is back to his regular self, combining to make Mike Smith’s defense the best in the league. Now that Tampa’s defense is in the NFL spotlight, their hunger and determination are making any team they face, afraid, very afraid.