Buccaneers season did not end in Dallas


The Buccaneers are still alive in the Playoff hunt they just have to focus. Tampa’s loss to the Cowboys, by two field goals, in no way should define our season. We played well, all things considered, and had proven to everyone that we are on the cusp of greatness.

Tampa plays two beatable teams in the final games of the season, and we could easily end the season with a 10- 6 record. As our record stands now at 8-6 we have matched our two prior seasons win totals. I have a really good feeling about next season.

Although Tampa’s loss to Dallas has put Tampa out of the current 6th seed (wild card) in the playoffs, they can still find their way back in and that starts with beating the Saints, then beating the Panthers, but other factors now apply since we no longer control our own destiny, as much as we previously did. If it pans out that we end with a 10-6 season and still do not make the playoffs I will be more than happy with a 10 win season, that is just two shy of our previous three-year win totals.  Now on to New Orleans!