Tampa needs the impossible to happen in this final week of football.


The Bucs still have a shot at a postseason, but the odds of Tampa making the playoffs are almost as high as you hitting the Powerball. 

First and foremost the Buccaneers have to win their final game against the Carolina Panthers. Something Tampa has control over.

After that, things get a little bit wonky. Tampa will need the Packers, the Texans, the Jags, the Eagles, and the Seahawks to take a loss in the last week. It is not out of the realm of possibility for all of those teams to take an L and the Bucs chock up the final W and get into the playoffs, but that’s not the wonky part.

Tampa will need the impossible to happen, and that is for the Giants and the Redskins to tie. There cannot be any winners or losers in that game, only a tie. 

Regardless of the outcome of this last week of football I enjoyed our Buccaneers roller coaster season and look forward to next season’s progression. We head into next season projected to have the most available cap space in the league at $67,943,939 and that’s money you can surely build on, and I think we have the right guys spending the money.