Off-season needs


It’s no surprise the Bucs need help this off-season and plenty of it, but fear not. With the Draft and free agency coming up, the Bucs have a chance to make things right.

The main concern this season was on the offense side of the ball. We need, I repeat, we need help on the offensive line. Jamies Winston was running around like a chicken with his head chopped off all season trying to keep plays alive. That cannot keep happening if we want to see more wins. Whether it be in free agency or the draft (preferably the draft) that needs to be our main focus during the off-season.

Our other main concern on offense was the lack of a 2nd reliable receiver. Having depth at a position is one thing, but having the skill to back up our #1 was a concern. Although having the up and coming Adam Humphries was a pleasant surprise, there is no denying that outside of Mike Evans we were a who’s who in the wide receiver position.

Now I know I said our main concern was on the offense, but that doesn’t mean the defense didn’t have issues of their own. Oh yes, I’m talking about the safety spot. Keith Tandy was an absolute game clincher and another pleasant surprise this year. But I’m mainly looking at the very inconsistent duo of doom. McDougald and Conte have had some very stellar games, but they have also had a lot more mediocre games. The very inconsistent play from our safeties throughout the year should be a major point of concern coming into a draft full of star-studded DB’s.

I will say this, I am very excited about what we can accomplish moving forward and I’m very excited to be here every step of the way. GO BUCS!