San Diego to announce move to L.A.


According to just about everyone in the world, it seems that the San Diego Chargers are set to announce on Thursday that they will indeed be moving to Los Angeles. The move to L.A. will be devastating for fans in San Diego, but the team did try to stay in their city, however, the city did not want to pay to keep the team there. The Chargers started their franchise in Los Angeles as an AFL team so they would not be moving to a new location just returning home.

The Chargers are still searching for a head coach and one would have to think that now that they are moving to a new city that the team would benefit from a head coach who had prior NFL experience. An experienced head coach certainly would help the players transition to the new location. Unfortunately for us in Tampa, the only experienced head coach they have interviewed is defensive coordinator Mike Smith.

The Chargers also are throwing the idea around that with the move to L.A. would come changes to the team’s icon.