Wade Phillips to take over as Rams DC


Wade Phillips will be leaving the Broncos to become the Los Angeles Rams, new defensive coordinator. The move is not surprising as Rams newly hired head coach said that Phillips coming to L.A. would be his top priority. The fact that Broncos new head coach, Vance Johnson, was undecided makes it an obvious choice for the defensive guru to go where he will inherit a defense that is talented but in need of help.

Phillips who is famous for his complex 3-4 style of defense will be faced with a team that is known primarily to run a 4-3. However, Phillips is more than willing to adapt to what the players feel most comfortable running in order to 4ensure the best possible outcome.

The Rams were hopefully that Jeff Fisher would be the answer for them and even went as far as to give him a contract extension during the 2016 regular season, that extension was very short-lived as he was fired before the end of the regular season.