With the 19th pick the Bucs select…


It’s a tough call on who they will target with the 19th selection, but what’s not hard to tell, is that the Bucs will target a major area of need.

For the first time in the Jason Licht era, Tampa’s first pick starts outside of the top ten. Prior drafts dictate that need will be addressed, and Licht has done well, in making Those selections count, as each of those said the selections were players of need and all had started right away. We should have faith in what Jason Licht will do with this year’s first round selection.

Starting with the 2014 draft, the Buccaneers were in need of a stud receiver and with their first pick they selected our beloved Mike Evans! Evans was an instant impact on the team and the first of many great first round selections by Jason Licht. Evans set franchise records his rookie season and after a what some called a sophomore slump, (laughable) he returned in his third year as one of the top receivers in the NFL. He is easily becoming one of our franchise best ever.

In 2015, Licht’s genius returned with the selection of Jameis Winston number one overall. Although many Bucs fans wanted Marcus Mariota at number one, many of their minds were changed with the emergence of Winston’s natural born leadership ability. Winston was definitely another instant impact on the team. Winston placed his name in the NFL history books and in the Buccaneers franchise history books, in his rookie season, and within his first two seasons has already thrown for over 8,000 yards. Winston has accomplished passing feats that rarely are accomplished by a rookie and sophomore quarterbacks, and some of those fears have not been accomplished in close to half of a century. Jameis Winston is undeniably an X-factor on this Tampa Bay Buccaneers team.

Last season’s draft, Tampa had the 9th pick overall, but targeted their man early. Although they traded the 9th pick and received the 11th pick, their man was still there. Tampa selected Vernon Hargreaves III with that selection and once again addressed a need. Hargreaves quickly moved up in training camp and became a starter and made an impact on the team. Not only did he prove size doesn’t matter, he proved he can defend in the NFC, which is chock full of towering receivers. With his second year coming up, there is no doubt in my mind, nor should there be any in yours, that VH3 will only continue to get better and will become a superstar.

Whichever way Licht decides to go, Licht’s first round track record leaves me with no concern. I know he will make the right selection and fill one of the many needs we have, and whoever he selects at 19th should be an instant impact on the team and exciting to watch!