Mid-Round Gem?


Some Bucs fans would like to see a safety drafted and some would like for the Bucs to keep all the safeties we have and go from there.

All three safeties (McDougald, Conte, Tandy) had nice seasons this year. Tandy outplayed Conte this season, causing him to take over as a full-time player and not on just special teams. All three of the before mentioned players are truly strong safeties. All are good in the box and on short passes, but often get lost on deep passes where they are caught in the space.

The Bucs would have greater due diligence by drafting a true free safety in the mid rounds of this year’s draft.

Eddie Jackson out of Alabama would be my choice. Jackson is a former corner with excellent ball skills that is not afraid to hit. Jackson would have been a first or early second rounder in the draft before his injury. I know some would be skeptical after the Mark Barron project, but please be aware that these two are totally different safeties. Barron is in the box, hit you in the mouth, and no coverage. Jackson is over the top, nothing over his head, QB of the defense type of safety. Selecting Jackson in the third or fourth round would be a great value pickup.

He could sit behind Tandy for half the season or so to heal up and learn the defense. Jackson could be a good as Dexter Jackson with a higher ceiling. The kid has Range, Athleticism, and high football IQ. Would be nice to see him in Pewter and Red.