How Early Is Too Early?


Next weekend, the world will watch two teams who have made it to the ultimate game. The Falcons and Patriots are getting prepared even now to do battle in the NFC Vs. AFC matchup.

While that does seem like an interesting matchup, I believe it is NEVER too early for Bucs fans to look forward to next season. So what I am going to attempt to do is make 3 bold predictions for next season. This is going to be interesting to do because we haven’t even had the NFL draft yet. Hey, it’s never too early to hope, right?

Bold prediction #1

Bucs will finish the season 11-5!

Bucs finished 9-7 this year, with two painful losses at those (Rams, Raiders) I believe this team will continue to find ways to win big games. They do have a very tough schedule, including home games against the New York Giants, and New England Patriots. Also a couple of away games that are tough against Arizona, Detroit, and Green Bay. That being said, for this prediction to come true, the Bucs have to jump out early and keep their foot on the gas. This is the one prediction I believe will happen.

Bold Prediction #2!

The Bucs will end the season with one of the top 5 defenses. One of my biggest wants this offseason, was to keep Mike Smith on the team. The defense had shown so much improvement in the 2nd half of the season, including being towards the top in a number of defensive categories. 1st year is all about getting used to the system, and the exciting part is they haven’t even shown all the schemes that Smith has given. Look for the defense to improve in the draft in the latter rounds!

Bold Prediction #3

Bucs will win the NFC South!

Now this one is kind of a shot in the dark. Atlanta is in the super bowl, so they would probably be considered the favorite at this point. The Bucs did defeat every team in the division, and also lost some winnable ones. Ultimately, this prediction will be based on home wins in my opinion.

Notice I didn’t say Super Bowl at all in this. I don’t believe this team is at that point yet. I do believe the successes of this past season, will continue going into next year. Jameis will have to improve on his touch and making smarter plays with the ball. I am excited for where the team is going, and the future looks bright for our team from Tampa!