My 2 Bullion: The Happiest Sad Day of the NFL year.


February 5, 2017, is the happiest sad day of the year for me and for many fans across the country.  It is the end of the football season and the arduous beginning to the months and months of waiting for our NFL fix. We anxiously await the draft to see what gifts we get.  Like a child, we like some of the gifts and despise others. On the other hand, we realize the draftees are our future Buccaneers and this gives us some slight reprieve. I pray to the NFL gods, that they may guide the hands of those in power and that they might start a Spring League, but not in Europe, but in the good old USA.

The NFL can explore other markets and they can staff the teams with practice team players and undrafted free agents.  Okay, you may think then what?  After the season hold a secondary draft when spring ball ends.  Bam, no more D.T.’s dealing with the long offseason.

But that’s just my 2 Bullion.