Should the Bucs look at O.J. Howard?


One of the biggest priorities for our Bucs is acquiring more weapons for Jameis Winston. If you watched the Senior bowl, you should have noticed that Howard could be one of those weapons for Jameis Winston.

For one thing, he appears to be a mismatch for just about any defender and another is that Jameis loves tight ends.  Any offense is good with a big time threat at tight end and two is just that much better.

For instance, they provide a safety net for any signal caller, much in how Cameron Brate was for Jameis, last season. Imagine having two. If you look at some of the top offenses in the league, the Patriots, for example, have Gronkowski and Bennett. Gronk was injured for the majority of the season, but he was a huge security blanket for Tom Brady, in prior seasons. They added Martellus Bennet and he instantly picked up the slack left behind by Gronk. It’s tough to stop an offense with a tight end that creates mismatches all over the field, let alone having two.

On top of that, he was coached by the best college coach possibly ever in Nick Saban. The only thing that might be a problem is a slight deficiency in production. But Alabama spreads the ball around so that’s not a factor. What does matter is that he produced in big games?