Coach Moss?


Arguably one of the greatest wide receivers of my generation, Randy Moss, has been part of the Monday Night Football team for the past couple of years. Moss was an absolute beast when he played. He put up his biggest numbers with Daunte Culpepper in Minnesota and with Tom Brady in New England.

Why is this once great receiver not a coach in the NFL?

Moss went over 10 touchdowns, six times while in Minnesota. With the Patriots, he had one of the greatest seasons of all time with 23 touchdowns. Moss has been somewhat criticized about his off the field antics, but the one thing that cannot be denied is the man caught everything thrown his way.

Why hasn’t anyone reached out to Moss to be a wide receivers coach?

Tampa Bay’s current offensive coordinator/ wide receivers coach is Monken, but if it were up to me Moss would be getting a phone call to either catch up our receivers, or to be playing alongside, Mike Evans. Moss believes in today’s NFL, he could still put up good numbers. If there is one thing to know about Moss that is never to doubt the man’s ability.

Someday he will be getting calls for his services, but currently, he is set with Monday Night Countdown.