Drafting a running back: Will Licht go all in or find a late round gem?


Many people are on the fence when it comes to the running back position being a priority or not this offseason, but if it is decided to be so, then there could be some solid answers in this year’s draft.


Whether it is in the first round, second round or beyond, this year’s running back class, is pretty solid. If Tampa decides to draft a running back in the first round, we already know who most people want, and that’s Dalvin Cook, and many others want Leonard Fournette. If these guys are there by 19th, that would be surprising, but then again, the Draft doesn’t always go the way one expects.


Personally, I would rather have Fournette, if it comes to that at 19th, because he has the explosiveness and power that our offense was missing last year, in the running back position. Fournette can also play at a high level while injured, and that’s something that is a plus for NFL running backs. There is no denying that with our current situation either running back would be an upgrade and have the potential to have great NFL careers, but in my opinion, neither are worth trading up for.


I also like Christian McCaffery, he is a very dynamic prospect. Coming off of a 1,600-yard, 13 touchdown season, while injured, and his leadership quality, to me, makes him a prime candidate to be a Buc. If the question is age or whether or not he can be an every-down back, well the answer is 632 carries in three college season, with a 6.2-yard average. Let’s also not forget that he did this injured and against some of the top defenses in the nation. Before I move on to the next running back, let me add one more statistic, for those who want a back who can catch out of the backfield, McCaffery had 99 receptions for 1,206 yards, and 10 TDS during his three-year college stint.


But there is one more guy I have been looking at and that’s Kareem Hunt from Toledo. There are reports that Tampa has talked extensively to Hunt, during this year’s Senior Bowl, and that Hunt was excited about the idea of potentially joining Tampa Bay. I wouldn’t mind this one bit. Hunt simply has skill. His style of running may not be anything but simple but it is very effective. He is a capable downhill runner and always keeps his legs churning and would compliment whoever starts in Tampa, or he could earn the starting role sooner rather than later.


In Licht we trust, so if or when we draft a running back, I am 100% sure it will be a guy who will quickly become a helping hand on our team. Go Bucs!