Did I Miss Something Here?


The Hall of Fame Committee had sent a clear message to Terrell Owens when he wasn’t voted in for the Hall of Fame.


Although Owens was one of the two most dominant receivers of his era, he had played for five teams in his 16-year career, (Cowboys, Bengals, 49ers, Bills, and the Eagles), this fact likely had penalized him in the eyes of many of the voters on the committee. T.O. put on a show when he played and was fun to watch on and off the field. The Hall of Fame is about a player’s accomplishments on the field, and T.O.’s numbers speak loudly to that effect.


T.O. was incredibly durable and for example, even with his broken ankle, he proved to be dominant. Owens had 9 receptions for 122 yards in that Super Bowl against the Patriots; However, failing to find the end zone ultimately left them losing to New England by three points.


T.O.s 16 year receiving totals of 1,078 receptions for 15,934 yards, and 153 touchdowns, are surely enough to be a first-ballot Hall of Famer. But they were not.


Randy Moss will be in the Hall of Fame Ballot for the first time in 2017, and he should not get the Owens’ treatment, However, if Owens’ treatment is any indication of how things might turn out, then Moss could also get the snub.


Randy Moss was a certified freak of nature when it came to wide receivers, and whether or not you’ve seen him play, surely you have been ‘Mossed’ on the football field or in Madden, during the years he was playing. Moss caught just about everything thrown at him and in strides that were easily 5 to 10 yards ahead of a defender. Once Moss got beyond the defender there was no catching him. Moss to made the news for his on-field and off-field antics. Moss also played for multiple teams, during his 14-year career, (Vikings, 49ers, Raiders, Patriots, and the Titans).


Moss’ numbers are also equally impressive as T.O.’s  with his 982 receptions for 15,292 yards, and 156 touchdowns. When Moss was paired with Tom Brady, he set the NFL record for single season touchdown receptions with 23. He beat out Jerry Rice’s record by three.


How are these two not first ballot Hall of Famers? In my opinion, the system is a joke and I’m sure many feel the same way, especially Bucs fans, who constantly have their former players snubbed, Lynch, Barber, and Mike Alstott, just to name a few, and that also can be said for many great players all throughout the NFL. How are all of these guys not in Canton?


I believe players are not always voted in based on their merit but based on whether or not the voter likes them.


Jerry Rice, Chris Carter, and Tim Brown are in the Hall of Fame, and there is no question they deserve to be there; However, if they are there then why aren’t Owens and Moss? Likeability? Attitude? Because look at who I just mentioned.