Should Tampa go take a look at the big guy?


An inside pass rush is a something the Tampa Bay Buccaneers has needed. Most times we have seen Gerald McCoy doubled and even triple teamed due to the lack of fear our other inside rushers produced, so the addition of another strong interior guy makes a lot of sense.


Calais Campbell could bring that fear and is one of the most physically imposing defensive lineman set to hit free agency this year. Standing at six


Standing at six feet eight inches and weighing nearly three hundred pounds, Campbell is a nightmare for guards and his athleticism and speed haunt offensive tackles. He finished last season with fifty-three tackles and eight sacks and an interception.Campbell may be tall for a defensive tackle, but he is versatile and can be used much like Ayers was last season.


The addition of Campbell to the line would free McCoy, allowing him to cause some serious damage.


With the tough schedule the Buccaneers face next season, we are going to need all the pass rush we can get and we have plenty of money so signing this big time free agent is not something too far fetched. That is to say, if the Cardinals do not re-sign him, and so far ‘mums’ the word.