My 2 Bullion: Kenny Britt


According to sources, the LA Rams are going to let Kenny Britt walk away.  Could this be a no brainer for the Bucs front office? Mike Evans and Kenny Britt lined up on the outside could be the threat we have needed.  The Bucs could then pick a true slot receiver in either, the later rounds of the draft, or through free agency.


Brate was a top tight end in 2016 and the possibilities are endless. The ship would have brand new sails with plenty of weapons. I say the front office should pull the trigger on Kenny Britt, he is only 28 years old and his stats from last season were pretty impressive. He had 68 receptions for 1002 yards and averaged 14.7 yards per catch with 5 TDs. 


But hey,  that’s just my 2 bullion.