My 2 Bullion: Le’Veon Bell


Should The Bucs seriously have Le’Veon Bell board the Buc’s ship? Bell had 1884 yards in just twelve games in the 2016 season, and he also found pay dirt nine times. He is arguably in the elite tier of backs in the league. I say fire those cannons and make this happen. 


Bell is in his prime, coming into 2017 which will only be his fifth year in the NFL so, I say send whoever we can to woo him to the Bay. Send Buccaneer Hall of Famers, the Mayor, heck even fifty pounds of snow crab claws, we need to do whatever it takes to put Bell in a Bucs uniform. Think about this every time Le’Veon Bell scores we ring a huge bell from the deck of the pirate ship.


I know it will be tough to achieve this feat as the steelers will likely not let him go and who could blame them? But one can dream can’t they?


That’s just my 2 Bullion.