Needs, Needs, Needs!


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are in need, need, need. One of those needs is obvious, and that is another solid, dependable, playmaking receiver. Aside from, Mike Evans and Adam Humphries, only Cameron Brate proved to be a reliable, playmaking set of hands. However, many of our other receivers shown promise before getting hurt.


There have been many names thrown around, as possible candidates for Tampa to look over, and one of those is DeSean Jackson. Many believe D-Jax is exactly what is needed, but many are of an idea that he is not. Jackson may not want to play second banana to Mike Evans and would be considered cancer in the locker room. It is widely known that Jackson doesn’t exactly play well with others.


Then there is the NFL draft, and much speculation has been tossed out there as to what Tampa may or may not do with the 19th pick. With a gaggle of talented running backs, wide receivers, tight ends, and lineman (both defensive and offensive), the sky is the limit for Jason Licht and I am certain he will again work his magic.


What I do not think is that Tampa will use the 19th pick on a wide receiver, and despite what mock guys are saying just to get site clicks, I do not believe Tampa drafts a running back at 19th either.


Regardless, of what I believe Tampa will do with their first-round selection, there is no denying that the draft is chock full of wide receivers, and of those is receivers Mike Williams, and Taywan Taylor.


Williams is not likely to be there around 19th and Tampa would have to trade up to get him if that’s even possible. Many fans want Dalvin Cook or bust, which could be a possibility, but the fact that the Bucs are willing to give Martin another shot, and see how it goes when he returns, tells me that a first round selection of a running back, is not likely to happen.


A trade back into the second round sounds more plausible to me, and that’s where I think Tampa goes receiver or running back.