Buccaneers settle MRSA case.


Nearly two years has passed since the MRSA incident took place, but now, the Buccaneers can finally put the embarrassing MRSA incident behind them. Back in 2013, kicker Lawrance Tynes contracted the nasty infection, as well as Johnthan Banks, and Carl Nicks, but Tynes claimed that the infection left him dealing with extreme pain on a daily basis and that it ended his NFL career. Tynes nor Nicks played another game since.


Tynes tried to sue the Buccaneers organization for a sum of $20 million, but instead, the Bucs and Tynes will settle out of court, therefore, dismissing the lawsuit altogether.


Back in 2013 three of our players caught the MRSA infection. One of them was Tynes. He claimed his career was over and was in daily pain. Thus the plan was to sue the organization. But instead now the organization will not be sued and a settlement was reached in court. The agreement is unknown at this time. What the settlement entail is not known at the present time.