Welcome to the Big Easy?


The New Orleans Saints have been blessed for a long time when it comes to having a franchise QB. However, the gunslinger, Drew Brees, is getting old. Brees has been dominate for a long time, and a future replacement has to be on the mind of Sean Payton, but who do you get to replace Brees?


Technically, Brees could play for another 5 seasons, but as of right now, unless he is given a multi-year contract, he is on year to year basis costing the Saints $24 million a pop. Brees shows no sign of slowing down, but the money factor could become an issue for the Saints, who could use that money elsewhere on the team.


Now, the interesting thing is that Sean Payton once had Mike Glennon high on their draft board in 2013, giving him high grades as a 3rd round possibility. Payton liked Glennon because he is a tall QB and once believed that he had a real good arm, and good mobility for his height.


Now that Mike Glennon is a UFA in March, could Sean Payton feel the same way as he once did about the former North Carolina QB? And if so, could there be a chance that Glennon doesn’t leave the NFC South and become someone we would have to face twice a year, sometime in the near future?


I’d like to see Glennon stay in Tampa as many fans are now changing their tune in agreement that he should stay; However, Glennon wants to start somewhere. He wouldn’t get the start in New Orleans for some time but he would be sitting behind a master of his craft, and learn from one of the greatest QBs around.