I’d love to stay home.


The USF Bull’s all-time rushing leader is working his ass off at the combine and on Thursday he told media that he would love to stay at home in Tampa if drafted by the Buccaneers. I think this may just be the most feasible idea I’ve heard yet. Although many mock drafts have Tampa getting John Ross, Corey Davis, or Dalvin Cook, and even Fournette at 19th, the likelihood of those guys being there is slim to none.


Mack makes sense and has spoken with the Buccaneers on several occasions. Many players do speak with the team, it’s part of the process, and Mack has spoken with several teams on multiple occasions. Mack wouldn’t even have to change stadiums. Mack has speed and a second gear that allows him to pull away from defenders on breakaway runs, despite what his combine 4.5 forty time says. Btu hey we all know or should know by now that 40 times doesn’t dictate how well of a player you will be in the NFL.


Tampa made it no secret that they will be looking to add weapons. From wide receivers to running backs, there is a smorgasbord of talent in this draft, and there are some solid vets heading to FA. With Martin’s situation in the air and everyone beating on their chest for Dalvin Cook, we can all see that even the average fan’ understand there is an issue at running back. We did “run” through six different one’s last year.  Why not give Mack a shot? He has good feet, solid hands so, he can catch the ball coming out of the backfield. But running the ball is where it’s at, and run he can.


Mack played only three seasons with the Bulls before declaring for the draft and within those three seasons, he set an all-time school record for career rushing. “Big whoop it’s the Bulls,” you might say, but in those three seasons, he has 3,609 yards on 586 attempts good for a 6.2 yard per carry average and 32 touchdowns. That’s kind of a big deal. He may not have been thrown too as many times as Cook or attempted as many rushes as Cook, but his numbers are as impressive. The kicker of it all is, that he is most likely to be there at 19th. No trading up needed.