With the 19th Pick…


I can remember the feeling of the last few years. “Please don’t draft him.” “He’s gonna be awesome!” “I’ll never buy a Jameis jersey!”


But this year, it’s different. There’s an excitement that I believe hasn’t been felt in a long time. This excitement has a lot to do with the way last season ended. A tough game against Carolina, which ended in a 17-16 win against those dreaded Panthers.


The excitement also has a lot to do with an unsung free agent signing. Mike Smith being here this year, is probably the most important and biggest move the Bucs have made to this point in the offseason.


So where do we go from here? 80 percent of experts believe that Dalvin Cook is the answer. I am not one of those 80 percents, nor do I claim to be an expert. Cook is an amazing talent at the running back position. So much so, that I can assure you that he will be LONG gone before the 19th pick.


Who’s going to be wearing that Bucs jersey next? I believe we will be drafting (If Available) Christian Mccaffery. John Ross would be incredible, but most see him being drafted to the Baltimore Ravens. Mccaffery brings a hard-working, talented, and tough running ability that has not been seen here in quite some time. He rushed last season for over 1,600 yards and scored 13 times. Stanford wasn’t a terrible team either (before you throw that argument at me).


Ultimately, this is a deep draft at the positions that the Bucs are looking to improve on. I am so excited for the draft, and I hope you are also! Please don’t forget to watch Facebook Live! We are doing a live show during the NFL Draft and doing that for at least the first round, if not more! Times announced soon! Go Bucs!!