How do Bucs fans feel about the backup QB situation now that Mike Glennon has left the Crow’s Nest?

Ryan Griffin is currently the backup but has not thrown a pass in the regular season during his three years in the NFL. He is unproven. Tampa obviously likes what they see in him on the practice field and during the preseason, but the fact remains that there is an inexperienced group of QB’s filling for Jameis Winston, in case anything were to happen. Should we feel confident?
Behind Griffin is Sean Renfree, who came into the league in 2013, and despite playing under Dirk Koetter in Atlanta has not thrown but seven regular season passes. All thrown in 2015.
Do we look to the FA where there are QB’s like Cutler, RG3, Kaepernick, and Fitzpatrick, who will most likely not want to play second banana to any QB, but also would not want to sit out the 2017 season? Or there is Manziel, who had some off-field struggles that may or may not have doomed his NFL career.
Chase Daniels is another guy who is floating around out there, who happens to be a solid backup, but seems to be highly sought after. He would be an expensive backup as would the other guys mentioned, but the Bucs had no problem figuring out a way to afford Mike Glennon, and offering for him to be the highest-paid backup in the league.
The Draft has some interesting options and one such option is Joshua Dobbs. Dobbs spent 2013-2014 under Bucs QB coach Mike Bajakian. There is familiarity there. Dobbs is a dual threat. He can throw and he can run if needed.The draft could be a solid solution for Tampa if they decide more stability at the backup position is needed.
Regardless of what happens, I as well as others, feel the situation needs to be addressed and it should be addressed with experience. Consider if we make it to the postseason or are steaming rolling to one and (God forbid) something happens to Winston; Wouldn’t you rather have the experience to fill in and keep the ship moving forward? At least, someone who has thrown more than seven passes in the NFL.