Proposed rule changes for the 2017 season.


Every year NFL team owners get together for an annual Spring meeting to go over rules, shoot the breeze, discuss many different aspects of the NFL, impose punishment, determine the logistics of the League, and speak with the Commissioner. The Owner’s Meeting is unique in that it has the ability to change the way the game is played and this year will be no different.

Here is a list of the proposed rule changes that the owner’s committee will be voting on at this year’s meeting.

1. Outlawing a player from jumping over OL in an attempt to block FGs or extra points.

2. Institute a 40 sec clock after an extra pint and at the start of the following kickoff.

3. Changing halftime length to 13mins 30 sec. giving players less time to return to the field.

4.  Permanent change of touchbacks to being placed at the 25-yard line.

5. Give referee the ability to make replay announcements during commercial breaks.

6. The referee will use a tablet on the field to review plays with the league weighing in on the calls eliminating the usage of sideline monitors.

7. Automatic ejection for two unsportsmanlike conduct penalties.

8. The NFL would have final say over all replay decisions, with referee input.

9.Start the clock when a runner goes out of bounds outside of the 2 min warning for the first half and with over 5 mins remaining in the second half.

10. An inclusion of wide receivers as defenseless players while running routes and their head is turned back towards the quarterback.